As Leos enter their birth month, Dr Sundeep Kochar makes some exciting predictions about the zodiacs

As Leos walk with pride into their birth month, Dr Sundeep Kochar, the world famous astrologer, talks about what it means for the Sun to be at home, i.e. in the fifth house dominated by none other than Leos. Will the lion kings ‘rawrr’ this season or feel some summertime sadness? Moreover, what will the Leo season bring in store for other zodiacs? Let’s see what Dr Kochar has to say!

Laying emphasis on different zodiacs of the horoscope wheel, and how Leos imbibe the life quality of the massive life-giving sun in our solar system, Dr Kochar acknowledges the potential of Sun in our life, and its ability to influence the core life aspects of the zodiacs.

“Sun, as far as astrology goes, rules not only your soul, life values, principles and ideals but also rules the fifth house which is the Leo, a.k.a सिंह राशि that forms the pillar of the horoscope. Having Leo and Sun strong is like having a key pass to make your presence felt anywhere you go.”

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and has Sun as its ascendant lord. The period when Leo zodiac takes over is from 22nd of July, and lasts until the 22nd of August. Their celestial ruling body- Sun, operates in full potency, gleaming with it abundant perks. The fierce lion that is ruled by the fifth house talks about recognition, love, luck, status, children and creative instincts.

Dr Kochar also stresses on how fifth house rules gambling and speculation, and thus transfers these luck traits to Leos. The influence of sun on other zodiacs is unequivocal. But what about those who weren’t born under the impression of the sun? Will they face depravity and hard luck in important life aspects? Dr Sundeep Kochar says otherwise.

Considering the divine gem of ruby to act as an antidote, Dr Kochar believes that with it comes the source of ultimate sun power. Wearing ruby or “manik” on your right hand, ring finger can work like a charm for you.

“The mount of sun lies on the right hand, and wearing a ruby on a Sunday morning after purifying it with the five elements, what Vedic astrology terms as panchamrit, can be a great source of positivity and success in life.”

Wash that with five elements of panchaamrit, as it will help you in accomplishing your goals in life, making sure that things you worked so hard for gets recognized, and people realize your true worth.

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