Jupiter Transit 2022: Aries

Jupiter Transit 2022: Aries

Jupiter will be in the 12th house from its zodiac. It is time for healing and spiritualism. With the opening of the economy and travel, it is probably time to go for pilgrimage. This is the best time to understand yourself.

People who are in services will travel a lot for work related matters or will be involved with work that is away from their usual place of work. For those who are in business, expect some gains or losses from beyond the shores of your current business.

For those who are married, it will be a great journey of understanding your spouse’s inner self. This is the time you will know more of the spouse’s spiritual nature and truly start appreciating each other. Use it for good use rather than trying to find faults and create fissures.

Health wise, just be careful with diet and keep your food habits in check. This year Jupiter will be your spiritual guidance and hope the journey will be smooth and beneficial.

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