Jupiter Transit 2022: Gemini

Jupiter Transit 2022: Gemini

Career wise this is the best time for Geminis. They should achieve a lot of success. Those in the field of communication, journalism, and arts and music will see growth in their career. That said, the ones who will flourish are those who bring out the spiritual, peaceful, and unbiased truth rather than focus on personal beliefs and values and promoting personal ideas.

People in the food industry, travel or leadership or people engaged in dual activities will all benefit in this transit. Travel has been challenging in Covid times, and yet for Geminis a lot of work and income source will come from beyond their native place.

While romance may not be an area of focus for many Geminis this year, yet for those who are in a relationship, marriage is on cards post May and will be a suitable time to settle with your partner.

For students, you need to focus on your career goals and opportunities. You will get a lot of opportunities if you put in the right effort. Upgrade your skills that are current and relevant. Focus on digital and future and gear up for the new economy.

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