Jupiter Transit 2022: Leo

Jupiter Transit 2022: Leo

Yay Year of Romance, Year of Consolidation: Hang on where shall you focus first?

The year will be interesting for those born with the Moon sign Leo. Generally, Jupiter is a benefic planet, and it is expected in general to give positive results for many. The gains are sudden and will be clearly visible for everyone to see. However, it is also time to mitigate your losses and work towards the path of diplomacy.

Quick and decisive marriage is on cards for those who are single. For those who are married, this is the time to understand your spouse at all levels. There are a lot of areas that you are yet to discover about your spouse and use this year to unravel the mysteries of your partner so that you can have a fruitful and lasting relationship with your spouse.

Keep the health in good condition and try not to delay treatment of any past ailments. It is time to focus on spiritual and mental healing and reduce stress across all areas and levels.

For students, this is the year to look and find courses and study that are generally less prominent or conspicuous. These courses may in future be of great help when all the chips are down. Overall, an interesting year for people born in the Leo zodiac.

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