Jupiter Transit 2022: Scorpio

Jupiter Transit 2022: Scorpio

If you want to fall in love and yet be subtle, magical, romantic and yet want to dominate, this is the year. Your charm will allure your partner and potential partner and your partner will be smitten with you. For those who want to get married and fear that your partner may not agree, use all your charm to get used and win your partner’s heart. For those who are married, this is the best time to expand your family.

This is a good year career wise and you should take full benefit in your career or business alike. That said, this year, you have a good chance of taking a leadership role and exercising your power and dominance.

People will more easily follow your lead and will look up to you. That said, you must then work hard to prove your capability and peers and superiors to support you. This requires a lot of your time and energy. There will be trade-offs between work life balance, and you need to take a call on which area to give more support. For those who need further advice, it is always good to consult a mentor, advisor or even a good astrologer or www.sundeepkochar.com to get more details.

This year is very good for learning and students and professionals alike will be able to learn a lot of new things. Good time to study or join new courses or apply for new courses that will bring you success in future.

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