Jupiter Transit 2022: Effects on All Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Pisces

Embrace the Change: The Forces of Nature Will Blow Through You Even If You Are Hiding

In my yearly prediction at the start of 2022, I wrote that we have to change with time and adapt to newer thought processes. The digital economy, culture and way of life will all have an impact on the way the Dharma and Karma will be interpreted in times to come.

The newer times will bring new order and those of us who take time to embrace the newer order will find it harder to adapt in this pristine environment. The transformation has begun, and the pandemic has really brought significant changes in and to the society. Put simply, all the three major planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu, that any astrologer will consider when explaining transit phenomena will be transiting this year.

Jupiter transits every year, but Rahu and Saturn transit once in every 18 months and 30 months respectively. Hence this year becomes significant. Furthermore, this is the first transit of all the three planets happening in the same year, after the occurrence of pandemic and economic doldrums.

There is one more interesting observation in this year’s transits. Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu transits will be in series. Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, and Rahu in Aries are all in series. Saturn and Jupiter will transit in their own house, but all the three major transits that happen in series will have an interesting impact on all levels. This is because the transit will impact the houses they are transiting in, however, because of the series, the effects will be seen on both sides of the houses.

From the Astro perspective, in 2022, Jupiter will be transiting from Aquarius to Pisces on April 13th at 4:58 PM. This is the first key transit planet of the year. Jupiter will be going to its own house where it is peaceful, spiritual, and at best moral.

It is where Jupiter will show or bless people with needs and be sensitive to feelings. The world currently post pandemic needs guidance, warmth, mental healing, and a source of inspiration to many. Further, the pandemic has created a lot of turbulence economically and emotionally which will impact the spiritual growth of many. Jupiter transiting in Pisces is the best thing to happen as the world will go for a reset.

Feb 27th and Feb 28th, we had five planets in one house. Three years ago, we had a similar situation around Dec 2019, and we saw the effect of Coronavirus. All the five planets were at Capricorn, the 10th house from Kalpurush.

That effectively means, the world or people will have an impact on their karma or matters relating to career, power, and fame. We are seeing the effects of Russia and Ukraine. Combined with the effects of the pandemic where I have been saying that we need a healing touch as people are insecure. The results are clear. Both Russia and Ukraine, who are supposed to be brothers for centuries, are fighting for fear and insecurity and perceived distrust.

Many rationalists and naysayers may again question the science of Vedanta and jyotish, but the reality is our sages with their wisdom could understand the planetary relationships with many occurrences of the world.

What we are trying to explain is just understanding of those events based on the rules given by those sages with whatever knowledge is available within our grasp.

This article will just look at the effects of Jupiter transits for each zodiac sign. Indian astrology is always based on moon signs. It is always good to understand the nature of planets and align with their qualities to achieve better success. To understand effects of all the stars and planets in totality is good to consult your astrologer or contact www.sundeepkochar.com

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