Saturn Transit 2022: Cancer

This Saturn transit, Moon sign Cancerians should experience interesting experience. Saturn is debliated in Cancer and Saturn is transiting at the 7th house from Cancer Moon sign. That said, the time is good for people who want to start partnership be in romance or business. Travel is in the cards. The unfolding of events can occur very fast, and, in many times, it looks too promising or other way around. It is better to take objective advice and guidance before embarking on any new initiative that includes even romance.

The next six months should bring lot of interesting experience in every field and area. Be it marriage, love, romance, business or career, income, and health.

The Saturn transit will be very interesting. This year other two major planet transits are happening, and the impact of those transits also play a part. For an individual, one must look in totality. That said it is good time to consult and understand how much you can benefit out of Jupiter transit this year. You can go and consult your family astrologer. Get your exact personalization reading call +91 9971008899 (seats are filling).

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