Saturn Transit 2022: Capricorn

Time for you to take center stage and expand your scope in your career and take some bold decisions. You will be rewarded for your actions and your career will be in full swing. For people in business, it is a good time for new business dealings. For those in power and authority this is the time to take decision action against your enemies and win over your friends. You will have a lot of luck in your romance. Enjoy this phase and make the best use of it.

Your children will be a source of joy. For those in gambling and speculative trade, you will find more confidence in handling and taking risks. You may be successful or see some success, but any gambling or speculative trade comes with risk. You will find some attraction towards opposite sex and may even fall in quick romance. Try to be grounded and bring back your philosophical frame of mind in action than allow a speculative mind to take control of your life and destiny.

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