Saturn Transit 2022: Scorpio

Scorpio’s desire will have no boundaries during the transit time of Saturn. In next six months, one sees lot of support from their siblings. Further, one can observe new drive or energy to start new initiative or focus on completion of existing task. Take use of this time and create new avenues for success be it romance, marriage, work or business or what area you are currently focusing on.

Those who are married will realize that you will want to spend more time with your spouse, and it is good space to be in. Spouses who are married to Scorpio moon sign should realize that spending more time domestically or giving you attention is a good thing and you should be appreciative and supportive of all the adulation and attention.

There will be trade-offs between work life balance, and you need to take a call on which area to give more support. For those who need further advice, it is always good to consult a mentor, advisor or even a good astrologer. Get your exact personalization reading call +91 9971008899 (seat are filling).

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