Saturn Transit 2022 (Shani Gochar): Effects on All Zodiac Signs

Saturn Transit 2022

Hard work, Democracy, Equality, Practicality, and power of concentration: These buzzwords can now become reality: Are you in the Game?

The age of digital economy and digital culture is now in place and that is the future. I already mentioned the way the Dharma and Karma will be interpreted, and the times to come will change because of the digital world.

The pandemic has brought significant changes to society. This year the three transits are just resetting new goals and preparing the world for the new era. As mentioned in the Jupiter transit, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu transits will be in series.

Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces and Rahu in Aries are all in series. Saturn and Jupiter will transit in their own house but all the three major transits to be in series will have interesting impact at all levels. This is because the transits will impact the houses it transits, and because of series the effects can be seen on both sides of the houses it transits.

Saturn Transit 2022 – Dates & Time

From an Astro perspective, in 2022, Saturn will be transiting from Capricorn to Aquarius in April 29 at 09:57 AM. This is the major key transit planet of the year. This major transit will be transiting in one more of its own house, Aquarius.

Effects of Saturn Transit (Shani Gochar) on Your Life

Saturn in Aquarius brings in Hard work, criticism, democracy, equality, practicality, and power of concentration. The world currently, in such a post pandemic time, needs guidance, warmth, mental healing, and source of inspiration to many.

The pandemic has created a lot of turbulence economically, politically, and spiritually.  The new digital order combined with turbulence needed some structure, order, and ambitious goals to take a new direction. Saturn when at Capricorn transit tried to establish a new order. Now the need is practicality and rational solutions and rational solutions to address problems of many, we need equality and democracy to thrive to restore balance of power. The Saturn transiting its own house is one of the best things that can happen to many and the world at large. The transits of Saturn and Jupiter will start creating new balance and order in the world.

This article will just look at the effects of Saturn transits for each zodiac signs. Indian astrology is always based on moon signs. It is always good to understand the nature of planets and align with their qualities to achieve better success. To understand effects of all the stars and planets in totality is good to consult your astrologer or contact

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