Saturn Transit in Capricorn 2022 (Retrograde): Effects on All Zodiac Signs

Saturn Transit 2022

The Saturn Retro back in Capricorn: Does it change the world order? What is in store for the next six months.

Saturn Transit 2022 – Dates & Time

Come July 12th, Saturn will transit back to Capricorn at 10.28 AM and will remain there for the next six months, Oct 23, 2022. This will be an interesting phase. Many have asked me questions like will the effect of Sada Sathi again prevail for people born of Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Effects of Retrograde Saturn Transit on Your Life

The effect of Sada Sathi will be missing for the people born of Pisces zodiac. Some asked if the economy will go bad or if the effects of the pandemic will surface again. Some further asked about the war and how it will progress.

But many wanted to know the effects of the Saturn retrograde and are worried if things will be like what they were one year back.

This write up is to look at the effects of Saturn retro transit to Capricorn and how it will impact us. For those who are new to Indian astrology, the consideration is always based on the moon sign. It is always good to understand the nature of the planets and align with their qualities to achieve better success. To understand the effects of all the stars and planets in totality it is good to consult your astrologer or contact

In the next six months, Saturn will be in Capricorn, 10th house from Kalpursh, and Saturn will be in its own house. But unlike Aquarius, Saturn in Capricorn will give the native or the country or group resilience and fighting spirit to face the troubles of the world or life.

The Saturn in Capricorn will help to focus on career and despite delays will give energy to march through. There will be a strong desire for growth, knowledge, and social service activities.

Jupiter in the next six months will be in its own house Pisces where it will emphasize spirituality and wisdom.

This will make the world see positivity and focus on greater good. Two years ago, Jupiter was first at Capricorn where it is debilitated and then moved to Aquarius where the effects may not be that bad like Capricorn but is not that great like in current state.

Further Rahu was in Aries will not give any negative nor positive impact. However, being in the house of Aries, Rahu will struggle for diplomacy and will focus more on aggressive and dynamic qualities. The right use of the energy will be beneficial.

That is why this retrograde for next six months will be better than what we have seen two years earlier.

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