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Saturn: The Planet of Judgement


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“What will happen, will happen?”
“I just don’t know what to do.”
“We can’t do anything during this time.”

These are just some of the questions I’ve heard recently. And I understand that.
Infact, during this time of uncertainty it is natural to feel stressed and afraid. We’re constantly looking for any positive sign to guide us.

“We often forget to look within ourselves and the potential we have to be so much more than our current situation.”

I believe destiny is set for all of mankind and it unravels with time. Especially during our current crisis, wondering what will happen next will not help.

“We all need to accept and adjust to the change.”

Which is why, I’m hosting an awesome webinar and going into the depths of strengthening your planets to help liberate you through this chaotic time.
NOW is the opportunity to use the time you have, and learn all that is possible through your smartphone/laptop. Together, let’s overcome this fear, stress, time of doubt and learn how to strengthen your planets!

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Strengthen your planets for a Better Future with Dr Sundeep Kochar

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