Famous Astrologer in India Reveals how to keep your Partner Satisfied!

famous astrologer in india

We are all fools in love. It’s to be expected. But that folly is usually overshadowed by the charm and excitement of a new relationship. It’s 

all butterflies and rainbows at the start and you just cannot get enough of your partner’s presence – physically, mentally, and, of course, emotionally. In those early days, your heart feels like it could burst, like the world could end but it wouldn’t matter as long as you two are together. 

But that spark dies out. The flame begins to waver as the inner and outer forces surrounding you begin to affect your happiness and pull towards each other. It’s almost like that electricity you felt earlier was something otherworldly. And you begin to wonder, ‘Did I imagine it or was it really there?’

Well, let us tell you otherwise. No, you did NOT imagine it. The chemistry was real. Just as the lack of it is real now. And it all has to do with the energy certain planets emanate and how your inner talk and forces affect your thinking and the intensity of your emotions. 

So, today we will dive deep into the volatile nature of romantic relationships and how to keep your partner satisfied, both emotionally and physically, for years and years. 

Mantras to the rescue!

When it comes to manifesting your desire, mantras are your best bet. They are a bunch of power-packed words that, when unleashed, can do wonders for your psyche and your relationships. And since a romantic relationship is very intimate, chanting the right mantras regularly can help keep all the negative energies away. 

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are the epitome of love and harmony. There isn’t a pair that’s more balanced or more in love. And that’s exactly why, when it comes to romantic remedies, they are the ones you need to invoke by chanting ”Om Lakshminarayanay Namaha” in front of their likeness every single day. 

We advise you to chant the mantra thrice a day for three months because when it comes to love and physical desires, one cannot be flaky. You must complete the ritual with all your heart and focus on it, imagine that you and your partner are as close to each other as is possible for two humans to be. 

Appease Venus: the Planet of Desire

When it comes to love, you can never go wrong by seeking out Venus. Also known as Shukra, this planet throbs with physical and emotional energies that are so strong that might leave you breathless. And since your romantic relationships are largely controlled by Venus, it makes sense that you must begin by appeasing the planet of love. 

Astrologically, women can wear green bangles during Shravan Maas to strengthen this planet in their Kundli, thus gaining the emotional and physical force needed to keep their partners satisfied in the relationship. 

White is also the color that represents this planet and should be worn on Thursdays to keep Venus happy, which in turn keeps you and your partner happy!

Beware of Black!

Black color, the veil of darkness, is considered very inauspicious in Hindu astrology. It’s a host of negative energies. And with its tendency to absorb everything around it – good or bad – and become one with it, it’s no surprise that you are advised to stay away from it when it comes to love. 

Avoid gifting anything of this color to your lover. You never know what negativity it might be harboring. That’s not to say you can never wear this color or keep it in your house. There’s no way to avoid something as natural as that, we’re afraid. But, try not to associate your lover with it. Keep things as bright and breezy as you can. 

Vastu wins. 

Vastu is all about energy. It teaches you how to balance them and keep the negative ones out. Because any negative energy that’s allowed to linger in your life ultimately wreaks havoc in your life. And your romantic relationships might get caught in the fire. 

So, to avoid that from happening, take a tip or two from Vastu Shastra and light a diya in the South-west corner of your house. While doing it, keep your lover in your thoughts and pray for your relationship’s well-being and happiness. Doing this not only wards off all negativity from your relationship but also brings you closer to your partner. 

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How astrology can solve all your romantic woes in a minute! All YOU need to make sure of is that you stick to your end of the bargain and apply these techniques for your benefit, as well as your lover’s. And then watch as your love-life skyrockets!

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