rahu and Ketu on the move

Rahu, the shadow planet which has gained more prominence in Kaliyug will leave the house of Cancer and will enter Gemini, the third house from Kal Pursh, an Airy Sign. Rahu by default gives good results in 3rd, 6th, 7th10th and 11th houses and is best when it is in Airy Sign, aka Aquarius, Gemini and Libra and then followed by Earth Sign

This transit, Rahu is entering 3rd house and in an airy sign Gemini. Rahu will be at his best and can truly become master of illusion. Ideally it should give lot of material wealth and in abundance. However, as I always say the greatest strength is also the greatess weakness. While the illusion can give best results, it also can give worst troubles. On surface Rahu may appear to give great results but, one may have to pay for the perceived success in long run. Just be wary of both success and losses.

Thus,the next 18 months, one will know how Rahu is impacting one’s life based on the outcome of events’ occurrence in one’s life. For those who want to understand and want to manage their risk, one need to check their planetary positions and astro charts to unravel the mysteries of Rahu. For many it is best to consult a good astrologer and seek advice.

Rahu like every other planet is here to teach humans the purpose of life. Helps to navigate the life journey by creating various chances for the occurrence of events. Rahu, being a shadow planet and in general being malefic will direct man towards vices, test humans to break Dharma and path of righteousness. Saying this Rahu is not all bad, Rahu when act positive in a human’s life can give material wealth in abundance, can lead human to the path of spirituality and light.Ultimately, the destiny of human though is predetermined is in the hands of human itself and how the human being charters one’s life depends on one’s own efforts. God is ultimate Master of every one’s destiny but God helps every man and women who makes efforts to charter their own destiny if they follow the norms of Dharma and walk the path towards light.

Dashas and antra dashas give results based on the overall placement of planetary positions. The transits activate the occurrence of events and hence the transits play a major role in one’s life. In general, one should give importance to three main transits, Saturn (2/12 years in one house), Rahu (18 months in one house) and Jupiter (12 months in one house). Thus, a man in Rahu Dasha will see 18 Jupiter transits and based on the type of house entering and planetary position, the results occurrence will happen in those years. The other planets Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus are shorter in duration and will assist in events occurrence in that specific duration. In general, it is said that the dashas’ and antardashas’ generally give positive results and transits otherwise. The Creator, The Great Almighty has designed planetary systems that only He can create it. His design helps in understanding His will and mastery on lives of we simple mortals.

In today Kaliyug, Rahu plays a major role towards material wealth, fame and power and Saturn will be at best when Rahu is in play. Saturn can then create that maximum impact for the people in illusion and give the life a proper teaching. This is best seen for the next one year as Rahu is in 3rd house and house of Gemini and Saturn is aspecting the Rahu from 7th house of Sagittarius.

This March,Rahu will transit from Cancer to Gemini. Rahu was in un friendly water sign of Cancer and was not in its best state of mind. However, Rahu was not having its impact as Jupiter and Saturn were transiting or was placed in friendly houses. Rahu is entering Gemini and will be in 3rd house. This will activate Rahu and will show its true colours. Rahu will be able to a force multiplier and will impact itself in fullest. The nice aspect is Saturn will beaspecting from 7th house and will measure that external factors of Rahu illusion. While Jupiter was impacting Rahu when Rahu was in Cancer, Saturn will now do the role. While Rahu will listen to Jupiter and will be in control, Saturn plays an altogether different role. Saturn will evaluate every action taken by man with the illusion of Rahu and will then give its due results. This itself will teach humans a lesson for those who want to ensure short cuts or under the malefic influence of Rahu.

Hence, through this transit God is again giving advice to transform and focus on right desires and right path to achieve greater good. There are many who will suggest for many remedies, but God has already designed systems in such a way that we can just realise that every step if we seek his guidance, events will happen and our deeds will give us results. Yet, many falls for the traps of remedies. I again say that remedies will always just give one more form of discipline to keep focusing on God. God is eternal and only He has the power to change the destiny, but He is so great that people who strive and work hard will be rewarded.

It is good to understand His greatness through the stars and for people of various zodiacs. While this write up will more generic in nature, for specifics, it is good to contact a good astrologer to understand what stores for each person for the next 18 months.

Rahu transit of entering house of Gemini will in general focus on communication, courage, arts, diplomacy, support to siblings, can activate hope, excite romance and energize passion and many more areas. The results will give different results to different Zodiac and specifically for individually based on their planetary positions. The article is basically focused on positivity and for those witnessing otherwise please consult a good astrologer.

Going for each zodiac based on moon sign


People will experience boost in confidence and will gain more energy in every field or activity they take up. Diplomacy is not your forte but if you can somehow add diplomacy to your portfolio, Rahu will give you boost in your success. Your siblings will give you support and you will be pillar to their support and their career. People see good results in Career especially in the field of arts, journalism, communication and sales. Your haughtiness and stubbornness may exemplify and this is not a good sign. Try to manage your emotions in control and focus on greater good that on own ambition.


People born in this sign will see some events related to romance. It is time for both arranged or love marriages. This year also can be problem in health-related matters especially in throat, neck, eyes. You need to give lot of attention to your family matters and keep them in your good books. On financial matters do not invest in risky investments. Real estates and other safe investments may give positive income but invest only after taking proper advice and due diligence.


Rahu will be on your natal moon and can make you successful or havoc in the next 18 months. You will be energetic and will try to do many things at one go. You will feel you are on the top of the world and can succeed in any field and activities. The success and failures depend on your birth charts and influence of other planets. Beyond success, your life course will depend upon the actions you take and its impact will be felt in years to come.For those in business will see lot of opportunities and may also give good support because of protection from Saturn. The second half of the transit may see some windfall of wealth and boost in romantic life. There are chances for foreign travel also.


Finally, Rahu has moved away from the house where it was not comfortable. Your state of mind was always extremes and Rahu were one of the main culprits. Jupiter energy was giving you lot of support for the past six months. However, the movement of Rahu to Gemini does not mean you are out of woods. Your mental state will be much better. However, your actions will still need to be measured and careful. You should not involve in any legal tangle that can even cause you imprisonment. You have been careful with matters related to money and finance. Travel may be on cards and it can be for good or bad. Your mental frame of mind will be better but your actions needs lot of checks and balances. Jupiter will still be giving you positive energy and support for the next six months which will help you to keep you sane.


The year will be interesting. You will see chance of growth in your career on all fronts. You may get fame and rewards and there is every possibility that you will witness abnormal growth in your career. It is good time to start some new initiative on your work front especially that is related to social cause which will give you great laurels. For those in creative field can see some good results. On home front, things will be good and you will see lot of support from your family side. You will see lot of luck favouring you on all the areas. However, please take note, the impact of Rahu will be greatly reduced if other planets in your chart are not in favour and it is always good to consult a good astrologer to understand the true benefits of Rahu during this period.


People born in this sign will again see lot of growth in career, personal life. Those in law, accounting, trade or any structured and methodical profession will see lot of growth. There is always chance for romance and for those who are single may see sudden interest in romance or even meet someone and passionately fall in love with them. A year to take some exciting decision to progress. At the same time, it is good time to focus on key actionable items.


This is a year of transformation to you. For those in occult science will do well or you may get interested in the field of astrology, religion, spirituality. Long distance travels to seek knowledge is on cards. You will witness that lady luck is shining towards you especially if you focus on spiritual and positive activities. Business partnership, family relationship and public affairs will be an area where you will find lot of actions but also will be tested. You will see the support of Saturn, abundance of Jupiter and Energy of Rahu working overtime in first 6 months of year. You should as well make avail of this good time to your advantage. However, if you see negative results coming your way, immediately try to take risk mitigation actions.


You will see increase activity in occurrence of sudden events. You will mind will be focused more towards occult sciences or trying to unravel mysteries of life. You may find sudden bouts of passion and romance and may even indulge in romantic liaisons. This is time where you can see interest in sudden and dark activities from your end. This is time to get in discussion with some specific astrologer.


Rahu and Saturn are in sync and you will see interesting time. For those in business be careful and take any new business decisions carefully and wisely. For those who have put right efforts will see lot of success in this time. For those who want to take short cuts will see lot of hinderance in time to come. Jupiter is transiting 12th house from itself and in general it should be considered unfavourable time? However, Sagittarius is the house lord of Jupiter and Jupiter in general will always give benefic results. Hence this is an exciting time and go with the flow and plan accordingly.


You will find you are stronger and will win over your enemies. Your career may witness interesting phase. You will lot of chance to travel overseas. However, this is also time to introspect and make sure you plan your future. Try to avoid any legal entanglement. Ensure your health is in good state and try to do period medical check up to detect any hidden ailments so you start early treatment.


Your children will be source of joy. For those in gambling and speculative trade, you will find more confident in handling and taking risk. You may be successful or see some success but any gambling or speculative trade comes with risk. You will find some attraction towards opposite sex and may even fall in quick romance. Try to be grounded and bring back your philosophical frame of mind in action than allow speculative mind to take control of your life and destiny.


Rahu will impact your family and your house. For those having problems in the past on your home front, will see some positive results. Jupiter support will give very good results in this year for people born in Pisces. This is year where you will have lot of luck for yourself and for your family. This is time for your children to get more luck from you and they will be in best of health because of your good fortune. You should also give your luck to your siblings. Overall a good year for people born in the sign of Pisces.

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