Secrets of Vedic Astrology: The innate connection between us and the universe explained by Dr Sundeep Kochar

atha sarva-guṇopetaḥ kālaḥ parama-śobhanaḥ yarhy evājana-janmarkṣaṃ śāntarkṣa-graha- tārakam diśaḥ prasedur gaganaṃ nirmaloḍu-gaṇodayam

“Fate became endowed with all good qualities and reached its paramount beauty in the birth-star of the unborn.” This excerpt from religious texts determining Srī Kṛṣṇa’s astrological timestamp states the eternal power and influence of our nakshatras or birth-stars.

Since times immemorial, people have relied on the empirical practice of Veda for their pursuits, knowledge and ultimate truth seeking. This ancient practice has helped enrich our lives, manifesting all the pious knowledge to help us become better version of ourselves, and relieve us from any vices. But how planetary movements transcribe our life and journey is rather enigmatic. How do we translate the hidden code of our existence?“People always seek to enhance their lives, and aspire to have a better life. Vedic astrology shows them the correct way, helping align people with their ruling stars to help them choose the best course of action and rejoice life to its fullest,” explains Dr Sundeep Kochar, India’s most famous celebrity astrologer and the best astrologer in Mumbai.

“Vedic astrology was a result of years of accumulation and study of planetary trajectories by people of higher knowledge; therefore, one cannot question the truth of it. The planets are formed by the same core elements as us humans, so there is an innate connection between us and the universe which is imperative to understand. Astrology seeks to connect you to your reality, heal you, help you through life pursuits and help you keep your best foot forward,” says celebrity astrologer, Dr Sundeep Kochar.

Modern Vedic astrology was transcended from ancient Vedic astrology, which was primarily based on the 9 grahas of the 12 signs and houses, and the combinations of the grahas and nakshatras, called yogas helped associate auspicious and inauspicious phases in a human’s life process.

Your natal chart can reveal deepest information about you, helping keep grahan yogas and doshas afar, ensuring that your life sails smooth, negating any bad situations or experiences. Talking about the inauspicious yogas , Dr Kochar alludes that with the help of astrology, you can peek through the future and make sound life choices.

“Astrology helps you know when to push big decisions and when to avoid them through studying your natal chart. The chart does not possess just the information about yesteryears but your forthcoming years too. Get your personal Vedic astrology consultation which will help you harness the positive influence brought by your ruling planets, helping you move towards a better life.” he adds.

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