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Even if you deny it, or don’t understand the rationale behind it, each person is admitted to the delights of the celestial kingdom through his horoscope. Our beloved celebrities aren’t devoid of it either.Dr. Sundeep Kochar, famously professed as the ‘Nostradamus of India’ has made some exciting predictions for world famous personalities in the past. Acquainting us with the true power of the nakshatras, Dr Sundeep Kochar has been a guiding force to many and is undisputedly one of the best astrologers our land has ever bred.

He has, in the past, made some staggering predictions about our favorite cricketers Virat Kohli (King Kohli) and former Indian capital MS Dhoni, which were inexplicably accurate. Talking about Virat Kohli, who has made his presence inevitable in every table conversation around cricket, Dr Kochar commends his dedication and hard work that have been unfettered from all the difficulties life threw at him.

“Challenge him and he will outshine every time. He is made to excel at whatever tasks life throws at him. Being a Scorpio, the ruling planet Mars has made Kohli a quintessential player, gaining worldwide recognition. The Rahu-Mangal combination works great for him, which has paved the path of his success. Taking charge of the situations, and being tyrannical is a quality bestowed upon Kohli by his Grahas,” Dr Kochar stated in an interview with mid-day.com.

He also said that his guru planet goes completely in sync with his birth name, “Virat”, as the planet’s giant wisdom and knowledge strengthens Kohli’s cognitive abilities. Wisdom is the true binding force, as it provides direction, in absence of which speed would go rogue just like a bull out in the open.

Making star-predictions about MS Dhoni, one of the Indian team’s most celebrated player, Dr Sundeep Kochar claims that the successes produced by Dhoni in the playground will reverberate within the Indian cricket team for years to come. “With Guru in his Lagna, Dhoni possesses heaves of wisdom, management, knowledge, and teachings. He may retire from mainstream cricket but he will continue to guide the team with his invaluable wisdom for years to come. ”

Further alluding, Dr Kochar in another talk show with Radiocity said, “Dedicating his entire life to the practice of cricket, MS Dhoni wrote his achievements all over the history of Indian cricket. However, the soon to retire player may experience emotional upheavals in the forthcoming phase but with Rahu in his favor, he may never fall short of gains.”

With years of expertise and deeply seeped astrological knowledge, Dr Kochar has mastered the art of making precise astrological predictions. He has been a go-to source for many prominent names for astrological consultations and readings.


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Sundeep Kochar

Many many happy returns of the day to one of my favourite person... 💕 Sunil Grover you are truly a “Yaaro’n ka Yaar” 🤗
I still remember our first meeting around 15 years back at a radio station in Delhi...
Astrology is my profession and I guide everyone in their journey, but my dear friend you enlighten everyone with your extraordinary act of humour...
May God give you all the happiness and u keep spreading joy & love in the world with your amazing talent...
I know your coming 6 years from September wld be one of your best !
God Bless !!!
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Sundeep Kochar

Saddened by the demise of Shri Amar Singh ji a versatile politician who dominated Indian politics for decades....
Will always remember my interactions with him during many occasions...
May his soul rest in peace...
Om Shanti.
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