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Dr. Sundeep Kochar is India’s pioneering Vedic astrologer, and a world-famous Vastu consultant. Helping people through the ebbs and flows of life, the deep knowledge and expertise of Dr Kochar has not only helped people take major decisions in life but also motivated them to work towards their best abilities through the power of right astrological guidance.

Famously cited as the ‘Nostradamus of India’, Dr Kochar is one of the famous Guru of Astro Cafe or Astro TV Star. He has been a preferred astrology consultant for some of the most famous Film & Cricket, Stars, Celebrities, Industrialists, & the biggest personalities of the World including many Presidents and Rulers. Called as the king of Astro Predictions, Dr Kocher’s detailed analysis into horoscopes, natal charts, and provide personal readings.

Some of his most illustrious predictions included the United States Election results. He accurately predicted the winning of President Trump in the elections of 2016 of the United States, which left many in shock around the world, & the re-election of President Barack Obama for his second term, for which he is the only Indian Astrologer to be interviewed by Fox TV Radio US. He is also the First, and the only Indian Astrologer to be interviewed by BBC, and to read the horoscopes of current serving ‘President of India’ at ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan‘& ‘Vice President of India’ at their official residences in India.

Sundeep Kochar actively provides for astrological offerings, and keeps his readers and viewers updated on astrology revelations and prediction through the various mediums such as astro app- A leading app for both Android and IOS providing you daily precise astrological feeds and unique predictions.

Dr Sundeep Kochar is also active on his social media handles, and regularly addresses queries and requests of his followers and viewers. Having made his presence eminent of various astrology portals and talk shows in India and around the world, Dr Kochar is the first Indian Astrologer who appeared on Tedx Talk and has been a regular show host on famous astrological programs like Bach ke Rehna on Zee News, Guiding Star on ARY Digital Dubai, What’s your Rashi and Kismat Ke Sitare on Zee TV, in local & worldwide editions in the US, UK, India, & Dubai.

He has claimed his prominence through officially being the first Indian astrologer to be registered in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for hosting the longest-running astrology show ever on a national Television with 2,740 episodes, viewed in more than 120 countries globally. Followed by millions as the World Famous – Top Celebrity Astrologer for Vedic Astrology, Indian or Hindu Astrology, Vaastu, Gemology, Face Reading, Palmistry, & Numerology.

Get precise insights and astrological guidance from the world famous Dr Sundeep Kochar. Book your session today!

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